• Create your WEB or E-SHOP easily, fast, better

    System WEXBO will provide you with all the tools you need to create and manage your website or online store without the need for a graphics or programmer.

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  • Simple and intuitive control

    Simple and intuitive control

    Website or eshop creation without any knowledge of programming and with the possibility of editing directly on the site? With us it is possible. CMS WEXBO is clear and intuitive. You can find your way in it easily and find quickly the required article, product or add-on you want to edit. The administration of the website or online store has never been easier!
  • Large number of features and add-ons

    Large number of features and add-ons

    Thanks to the many features we are constantly adding to the system, you can edit your website to your liking and keep it up to date. The system contains a large number of additional add-ons already included in the price of the service. You can activate them, simply connect to the various services, or place them on the website according to your wishes.
  • For free, get started now without any commitment

    For free, get started now without any commitment

    You can create your own website or online store immediately, within a few seconds. You can test the CMS system and its functions up to 15 days without any commitment. Only when you will find out, that the system meets your requirements, you can go to full version. On the other hand, if you decide not to use our system, you will not order the service for a further period.
  • Technical support ready to to help you

    Technical support ready to to help you

    You can contact our support at any time directly from the website administration, our operators are so able to identify your websites immediately and thus they can give you a more relevant answer or bring you directly to the desired setting. Thanks to the history of requests we can identify a specific problem more accurately and respond to a new question more quickly. The support is available for all system users.
  • Customizable template to your liking

    Customizable template to your liking

    Our system differs from others precisely in the fact that the distribution of elements (modules) default template is possible to desirably move accordingly, it is also possible to modify the essential elements appearance by fashion DESIGN to your liking and create so an original website. You can create your own web or eshop without knowledge of programming or graphics programs and with the possibility of editing directly on the website. You can change the picture of the header or of the background, font colors or its styles and much more just with a few clicks, whenever you want.
  • Fast, stable and secure system

    Fast, stable and secure system

    We provide our own comprehensive software and hardware solution on a professional level, with the management of domains, hosting and e-mails. Through the use of modern technologies and continual optimization of the system, the sites are loaded fast. The stability is ensured by redundancy at all levels of hardware, by regular system backups and by own intelligent firewall.
  • Simple, clean and clear design
  • Simple, clean and clear design

    The value of our websites is not only in their sophistication, but also in the clarity, thanks which the visitor will not get lost on the websites and fill find all the necessary information easily. Although the price of our solutions is low, we can guarantee that you will get professionally designed websites with attention to detail and with functionalities equivalent to expensive websites or eshops.
  • Many additional modules in price included

    With us you will get a lot of additional modules included in the price, that are integral part of the web or eshop. Modules such as Survey, Rotator, Contact, Time, News, Login - registration, Rating, Payment systems, Banners, Sharing, Social networks, Special offers, Best-selling products, Most viewed products and many other, these we consider as standard, so why should you pay for them?
  • Many additional modules in price included
  • Effective filtering for customers
  • Effective filtering for customers

    In the eshop, in the list of products, there are some useful filters for your customers, so they can find the desired products faster and easier. The filters, such as sorting (alphabetically, by prices, from the newest, special offers...), display only products from a given manufacturer, display only certain types (in stock only, within X days...), display only a certain price level (prices from - to), display products in different modes (image, lines or tabular view), display a certain number of products per page, the price history of products... Along with the fast and efficient paging, filtering and using of AJAX technology, the visitors will feel on your websites comfortable.
  • Use of modern technologies HTML5, CSS3, AJAX

    For professional and sophisticated design of the websites we use also the most modern technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3, thank which there is no need to use the images. All the websites are compressed by our own technology and further by using of compression processes GZIP, Deflate, SDCH for supported browsers. We use external CSS, exactly suited for each browser. We also use AJAX technology for fast interactive functions without the need to reload the whole pages. Also thanks to these and many others functions, the websites occupy less space, so they load faster even on mobile devices.
  • Fast customer support
  • Fast customer support

    Would you like something special, need help with the transition to us, do you need an advice or just have a question? Feel free to contact us, our support will always try to help willingly. All our users can use the support integrated directly in the administration system, which is used also for authorized requests for changes.
  • Possibility to adjust the look and layout

    Whether you are a car mechanic, artist, small business owner, musician, toy or perfume retailer, the system includes options for easy adjustment of the appearance and color of the default template through the DESIGN mode directly on the displayed pages. It is also possible to set different page layouts in the administration or to place, add or remove individual elements (modules) as required. Our programmers are constantly expanding the possibilities of setting up modules and the elements of the pages themselves so that the pages are as adaptable as possible to your ideas. You can read more about customizing the help in the 'Administration directly on the web' help.
  • Possibility to adjust the look and layout
  • Administration DIRECTLY on the web!
  • Administration DIRECTLY on the web!

    By activating of function ADMIN SMART directly on your website, you can immediately edit, activate, deactivate, move any Module, Product, Article, Discussion post... quickly and easily. Without any problems you change the positions of the modules in the sidebar or withdraw them as you wish. Directly in the product detail you can edit its texts, parameters, values...

    By activating of function EDIT THE THEME, you can immediately change the whole style of your website by choosing from a large number of themes, or by simple selection of the items you can edit the current theme. Almost the entire website can be edited, from change of the background to size and style of the buttons. You do not have to be a programmer or professional graphic designer, you can do everything in the simple way!
  • XML export for the price comparison websites

    We support export to more than 50 Slovak, Czech, German... product price comparison websites. Choose your one and by a simple click create the XML file for the choosen comparison website. If you can not find the comparator you use, please contact us and we will certainly try to make it available.

    Support of some comparators: Heureka!, Zbozi, Pricemania, Monitor Cien, NajNákup, MojeObchody, Nájditovar, SuperDeal, Supernákup, Tovar, Najlepšie ceny, e-nakupovanie, ShopMania, WebShopy, Cokoliv, Hyperzboží, Obchody, Jixo zboží, Seznam zboží, Elektrus, Direto and many more...
  • Professional SEO optimization as standard
  • Professional SEO optimization as standard

    All our websites and subpages are optimized for SEO. SEO is a collection of techniques that can improve the positions of your website in internet search engines. SEO is the most effective method for making your website more visible in internet. Optimization for relevant keywords bring to your website more targeted visitors and thus make more profit. We do not offer only basic SEO optimization, but the professional SEO, for which you would pay somewhere else a considerable amount of money...
  • Support of the online payment systems

    We support a number of the most used online payment systems, and therefore the buying on your eshop will be for your customers more comfortable and faster. It is possible to pay for the ordered goods in domestic and foreign currencies, when the payments are credited almost immediately. Some of the payment systems support the possibility of a safe card payments.

    Support for of some of the payment gateways: TrustPay, GoPay, GP WebPay, PayPal, Skrill, PaySec, Payza, TrustCard, Quatro, Tatrapay, Sporopay, VÚB ePlatby, UniPlatba, VeBpay, CardPay, OTPpay, mPeníze, PlatbaOnline, mTRANSFER, ČSOB Platobné tlačítko and many more...
  • Professional and clear CMS
  • Professional and clear CMS

    The entire system is driven by its own CMS system CYBORG. The system is very intuitive, clear and at the same time comprehensive enough. With the use of mentioned technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, different compressions... your work is fast, without any frequent reloading of pages. With additional features that allow you to edit the content directly on the website, the efficiency is really guaranteed. There are also many integrated functionalities in the system such as Drag & Drop, Notifications, Help, Search, Filters, Interactive editing, FlyBoxes... The CYBORG system is thanks to them one of the easiest CMS systems.
  • Support of shipping services

    We support some options of the most popular shipping services, such as dispensing places where your customer can pick up the ordered goods at defined locations throughout Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, but also other European countries. The system provides the ability to export the shipping addresses of selected orders as well as the possibility to enter the tracking code of the shipment to the order thanks to which the customer can track his package online.

    Support of some shipping services: Uloženka, Zásilkovna, Zásielkovňa, Zásilkomat, Zásielkomat, Balíkomat 24/7, Slovenská pošta, Česká pošta, InPost, UPS, TopTrans, PPL, InTime, GLS, Geis, Gebrüder Weiss, FedEx, DPD ParcelShop, DHL and many others...
  • Multiple administrators with different rights

    The system is designed so that more users can work in it at the same time. It is possible to create more user groups, for example. "Merchant", "Product manager", "Copywriter", that will have enabled access to the administration, whereby the groups will have set different powers with access only to certain sections or add-ons in the system. Alternatively, you can restrict the access into the administration for selected groups under the allowed IP addresses. Also the detailed history of the undertaken actions ensures a sufficient control of the users.
  • Online support for your visitors

    You can easily acivate a very popular service "online chat with support." So the visitor can contact the support directly on the websites, where you can answer his or her question in the real time. Some surveys showed that e-shops with an online support get much more customers than e-shops with an usual form of support (email, tel.).

    Support of some online chat services: CYBORG online support, LiveChat, Olark, Smartsupp, LiveAgent, Zopim, Livechatoo, Tawk.to, Userlike, GetKudos...
  • Detailed and clear statistics

    Thanks to the statistics you know, what is happening on your website. The reports on daily, weekly, monthly or annual visits, search terms, most read articles, most viewed products or best-sellings are available to you. So you can quickly find out, what interests the visitors have and offer them the desired variants of products or increase or decrease the prices of products according to salability...
  • Connection of your own domain

    If you have already registered your own domain, you can use it for your website or eshop with us. Our support, which is integrated directly in the administration system, help you with the detailed settings. If you do not have a domain, you can add it to your order when ordering the variant and we will register and connect the desired domain instead of you.
  • .com.blog.pl.hu.sk.store.wtf.de.eu.cz       
  • Updates, server and hosting management for free

    Do not worry about server management or hosting, our experienced administrators will deal with everything instead of you. Source codes and themes are updated every month, so you can still look forward to new features and a rich choice of themes. Your websites will always be modern.
  • Protection against spam and bots

    The discussion posts go through an advanced filter for capturing unwanted SPAM or bots, after adjusting of blacklist against unwanted advertising or different expressions, too. It is also possible to block users or IP addresses that break the terms and conditions of your website.
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